Storms Dec 2012

It has been a couple of incredible days for weather events. The charts and models had predicted storms from the 9th Dec for a few days.

On the 10th December, Harvey had a couple of cells develop

On the 11th December, Storms were forming off the coast

Later that night things started to get interesting. After seeing a few flashes of lightning and checking the radar I could see the storms starting to make their way in

myalup-storm-8380_2 myalup-storm-8384 myalup-storm-8371 myalup-storm-8397 myalup-storm-8390 myalup-storm-11th Dec

myalup-storm 11th DecThat night I didnt get much sleep. I counted at one stage 27 flashes in a minute. From 9pm to 7am non stop storms and rain.

Harvey received 109mm over night with 46mm in 1 hour. A 1 in 100 year event

Farm west of Harvey Flooded

untitled-8450 harvey-8448

24 hours radar

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