Lightning storm

Finally after a long time of trying to take a photograph of a sunset with a lightning storm (as inspired by Paul Natale’s storm chasing photography I got one. Check forecast at work and could see Perth metro being smashed by the storm. I was hoping it was going to make it down this way before the sunset or the storm fizzed out. It all came together. I am pretty happy at the moment. I should be doing my assignment by oh well. More photographs to come.

9 thoughts on “Lightning storm

  1. Amazing shot.
    Any chance of getting it printed on canvas and selling copies?
    I’ve got friends in Australind that might be interested.

  2. Hey Haydn, how you going? I thought I’d previously left a comment, but hadn’t. Very nice couple of images from the storms, well done. Will have to get together for a shoot sometime!!

    1. Thanks Jamie,

      sounds like a good idea. At least there is now some decent clouds in the sky to add something to our photographs. The summer was terrible. You found any spot heading down the Collie hills?

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