Paul Natale blog – check it out

If you like some of my photography on this blog,  then check out Paul Natale’s blog and flickr. Because I think his work is a lot better than mine. I first got to know Paul’s photography when photographs of these perfect line ups would appear in bodyboarding magazines every so often. I would spend time just mind surfing the waves, wishing I was there. He always finds a way to photograph a common surf spot, in a way that you have never seen a photograph taken from. Very creative. Paul is not limited to surf photography. His photography of thunderstorms just blows me away. He is a storm chaser. Watching weather charts and predicting where the next storm or cell might unload in the wheatbelt.

Funny enough, now I think about it, I do get much of my inspiration for my style of photography from Paul. So yeah, thanks and check out his work

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