After 36 hours in transit we finally made it to London. Airplanes can be fun or they can be hell. Same for airports. Fortunately we flew with Singapore Airlines which was very nice. But still, airplanes are not made for 6’4 guys with long legs.

We had some great times in our 11 hour stop over in Singapore. Caught a cab into the city and checked out China town. It was pretty average but I think the late of sleep contributed to it. Development is going crazy over there. Thousands of cranes, road works and construction are being undertaken and are expected to be complete but 2010/2011. Amazing place!

We headed back to the airport, with about 5 hours left to we had to board. Changi airport as part of the celebrations for the 2010 youth Olympic game had a number of children activities that you could compete in. We thought we would give it a go. Every event complete they would give you a voucher of $10 to spend anywhere in the airport. We went to every terminal and competed. Ended up with about $60 for me and about $140 between us three.

The flight to UK was fine, Slept about 6 hours worth and landed at about 6am.

More text to come

IMG_0090 IMG_0095 IMG_0100


IMG_0109IMG_0127 IMG_0152 IMG_0156 IMG_0173 IMG_0217 IMG_0218 IMG_0219

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