Today was a interesting day. Instead of getting in the car and rushing to a location I decided to get some exercise and make my way down the beach. Ipod, tripod and camera I headed off. Just as i got to the spot this massive fin came out of the water only a 100m from the shore. I dropped my gear grab the camera and went looking for my 70-200mm. I realised that I left it at home 😦


I tried to get a few shots of the whales but with a 70mm max zoom I was a little short. The sunset lit the sky up and I snapped away. Crossed the river and tried a different angle. Next thing I know one of my tripod legs had fallen off. Thats strange?? Put in on and kept walking. Walked behind the river and stayed there until dark. Making my way passed an eroded section of the frontal dunes stepping on limestone rocks i mistaken the eroded sand ledge as a rock edge and managed to fall down and cut my knee. I didn’t drop the camera, a little sand on the filters.

myalup deversion

Got back to my gear and tried a couple of flash photographs when my camera LCD, light and controls failed??? Walking home in the cold I couldn’t believe my new camera isn’t working. I got home, played around with the camera and it started to work again.

3 thoughts on “Diversion

  1. nice shots Hadyn ! Spectacular colours and skies for sure.
    My 5D2 had a similar episode once as well – I also shit myself.. strange and a bit annoying…


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